Story of a logo ….dedicated to anyone who has ever designed by committee.

Story of a logo ….dedicated to anyone who has ever designed by committee.

What is the Swellendam Winter School?

Recognising the importance of the logo as the touchpoint for all communications, website, social media and e-mails, the team behind the Swellendam Winter School gathered to discuss ideas for logos.

A (knowledgeably):     Coming up with a brand-new logo from scratch is no easy feat. You have to find something unique that perfectly encapsulates who and what you are, and doesn’t mimic an existing brand.

B                                  And we need to think of our target market – it’s mostly retired older people. And also we need to help people to understand that is not a “school” but an immersive leisure and learning experience. 

C                                 The font should be sans serif. The design should be uncluttered. It should somehow say “Swellendam” not in words per se, but in one strong image.

D (who has no idea what a serif is)  (nods sagely)

E                                  What says Swellendam? The mountains, the museum, the Church – the lifestyle – the river –bonteboks – the architecture – berries – the people – the food – the music – the faeries ….

D (hopefully)               The wine?

F (ignoring D)             But how do you get all of those things into one uncluttered image – as well as the fact that it’s not a school,  but an immersive blah-di-blah whatever you said  

C                                 And why are we saying our target market is mostly ‘retired older people’? There are probably families and groups of friends who would be just as keen and there will be ideal courses for them too.

A (impatiently)             Because the market research I have done shows that this is the most appropriate target

(Outbreak of simultaneous discussion from A, B, C, E, F regarding target market, while D wanders off in search of wine)

Twenty five minutes later

B                                  So. To sum up. We have agreed that the SWS will be suitable for anyone – but it is likely to appeal in particular to people who would like to a) spend their spare time on leisure activities where they may learn something new, b) meet new people and make friends c) have time during weekdays to travel and explore d) would enjoy the beautiful surroundings and heritage of Swellendam  

A (interrupting impatiently)     As I said -retired older people

C (crossly)                   Not necessarily

(Another outbreak of simultaneous speaking until …)

D                                 Top-up, anyone?

F                                  Let’s please get back to the logo, I only have five more minutes before getting home to feed the cat….

B                                  Can we talk colours?  I think we should have green – SWS is all about planting seeds and letting them grow and become green shoots

A                                  That’s Spring – this is WINTER school

C                                 I like the idea of a leaf.

F                                  Yes, a winter leaf – like a skeleton leaf

B                                  That’s a bit tactless for targeting old people, don’t you think?         

(Pause while everybody thinks about that)

E                                  Personally, I think the colour should be blue, not green.  Blue is the colour of the mind. 

C                                 Do people know that though?

E                                  They don’t have to know it in their top brain.  It’s subliminal.

F                                  Well, I think they should be autumnal colours, rust and terracotta, orange and maroon, because it is the right time of year and the stage of life that many of our target market will be in.

C                                 Not all of them.

D                                 I prefer red.

A                                  Why?

D                                 I find white a bit acid.  I don’t get hangovers with a decent red.

A                                  Ignore her.

B                                  Let’s all go away, bear in mind everything we have said today. And each of us come up with a logo that encapsulates everything.  Swellendam. Leisure. Friendship. Learning. Then we put them on-line and ask people to vote.

Twenty five minutes later

D                                 What actually is a serif? And do I need to include one? Where’s everybody gone?


Please feel free to comment on the designs – which one says SWS to you? Or even submit your own to

oh … and no-one featured in the above scenario represents anyone dead or alive …. honestly

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