Story Of Unconditional Love – Soul Circus


Swellendam is experiencing the Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus and there’s more to come until the 28th October.

“Swellendam was hand-picked as SOUL Circus’s first ever 21 day Thrive Experience, and ideal spot in the Overberg region, as the community is so active in supporting each other and the general nature of people is kind and caring…”

… says Ryan Christian one of the trio of Co-creators. Some of our local leaders have become key players in this 21 day initiative and our local brands are supporting their remarkable works set to accelerate and build our local good-doers projects.

The trio of innovative creators, a group of active citizens and Thrivors from around South Africa and the world have settled into the Railton Community, to work with good-doers, care-givers and youth. Their first week kicked off with introductions to key players and a Care for the Caregivers event in partnership with Department of Health and Adaliah Care and now they’re gearing up for their final two weeks of inspirational action… which includes a youth day on Saturday, a soccer tournament on Sunday and The Greatest Show for Earth (finale) on the Saturday 26th October.

Locals may have noticed the hearty cars driving around, or the camera crew documenting the amazing 8 leaders (Thrivors), which includes Overberg’s very own Peter Takelo from Barrydale and Marshall Rinquest from Greyton, as they work with our local not for profits, good-doers and thriving heroes, the inspirations in our leading organisations. One of these heroes and amazing brands supporting SOUL Circus, is our very own Kosie Pozyn of Spar… Ryan Christian adds  “Kosie has accepted the honor of being one of our thrivor heroes and his offer to support our youth day event on the 19th October, the soccer event on Sunday 20th October (starting at 8am) and our Greatest Show for Earth on Saturday the 26th October is so appreciated. 


The Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus is a caravan of active citizens, traveling up Africa, they are creating a series of 21 day THRIVE events, as they steadily journey from Cape Town towards Cairo. They will be working together on the ground with youth, leaders and good-doers to step up their peace-loving and thrive abilities, as they create enriching media, to do all they can to co-create Peace on Earth by 2030. 

The caravan will travel until 2030, engaging and documenting individuals and organizations who are passionate about arts, culture, ecology, social justice and youth empowerment, bringing together grassroots movements and inspirational humans, to further the cause of worldwide unity and peace (U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #16).

At the caravan’s heart is a community of inspired individuals, they immerse themselves in smaller communities to support and celebrate all that is working and grow from this. Nicola Jackman, one of three co-creators explains; “Each community we share a 21 day thrive experience with, is an experience and a space to uplift, self-express, share knowledge and up-skill local youth and communities, while we all practice living in a thriving way.” 

SOUL Circus will be celebrating and honoring our Swellendam stories, especially the inspiring local good-doers and their initiatives and when asked why they are doing it, Torsten Kremser, one of the other co-creators says: “We want to show everyone that there is hope, that together when humanity is united we can co-create our dreams and thrive. We are boldly inviting all those with a stand for a thriving, united, peace-loving world to join us – let’s co-create this new peace-loving, thrive story, for our world together!”


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