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The Cyber Tigers: our local Robotics heroes.

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We are a team of four individuals who enjoy and participate in Lego Robotics. Lara and Christelle are 14 years old, and Jean and Luka are 15, and we would love to share our experience.

We participate in the First Lego League, an annual, worldwide event for learners between the ages of 9 and 16, a competition which strives to teach young minds to engage in research, problem-solving, coding and engineering. It is our 2nd season, and we’ve been working on it since December 2022.

 A First Lego League competition has 4 subdivisions, and each subdivision is scored equally as follows:

Innovation Project:

Each year, teams are set the challenge to conduct an innovation project in which they have to: identify a problem based on the annual theme, design an innovative solution to the problem and share the problem and solution with professionals as well as users. The theme of this year’s challenge was Masterpiece.

We directly targeted our own community by addressing the fact that learners in the rural schools around us cannot benefit from the positive effects that music has on a young mind. We opted to overcome this issue by creating a website that makes free, easy-to-use lesson plans available for teachers with little to no musical background. This would enable them to incorporate basic rhythm and melody into their weekly classes.

Robot Design:

On the event day, teams present their Robot Design to judges, covering areas such as the build, programming and strategy. Robot Design is not about how your robot performs, but rather how your robot has developed and how it has improved throughout the season. Through conducting a short presentation, we are required to explain to judges why our robot is built in a certain way and how our programming works, along with simple things like game plans and an in-depth look at our attachments.

Robot Performance:

This is the fun part! Teams must design and program a robot based on a LEGO Robotics set. The task of the robot is to solve as many missions as possible on the Challenge field autonomously to collect points. Teams have 2.5 minutes to complete as many missions as possible. With innovation and interesting code, we achieved second place in this category with a score of 370 out of a possible 550 points.

Core Values:

The core values are the essence of First Lego League. They are: Discovery, Impact, Inclusion, Innovation, Teamwork and FUN! Respecting each other and accepting differences, discovering new talents and ideas, working creatively and persistently, applying and improving what you have learned, working together and having fun are things which are highly valued. Teams have to demonstrate that they not only pretend, but live these values, and excelling in core values is truly something to which one can aspire. 

Luka Steenekamp – team member

Personal message

I hope this finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is Sanet Glatz, and I am writing to you on behalf of the Cyber Tiger Robotics Team, comprised of exceptional young individuals: Jean Mouton, Luka Steenekamp, Christelle Glatz, and Lara Pretorius.

Jean and Luka are going to grade 10 next year, and Christelle and Lara are going to grade 9. They grew up and currently reside in Swellendam, South Africa. It is a rural town, and their robotics journey had humble beginnings in our house’s garage 6 years ago when my husband and I decided we wanted to start Lego Robotics in Swellendam.

We seek your support and partnership as we celebrate their outstanding achievement of securing first place at the National First Lego League competition against 46 other teams from all over South Africa and Botswana.

The Cyber Tiger Robotics Team is a group of dedicated and talented students who have demonstrated exceptional skills, creativity, and teamwork in the field of robotics. Their recent success at the National First Lego League competition is a testament to their hard work, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

First Lego League is an international competition for children between the ages of 9 and 16. This competition focuses on various elements in robotics (research, design, programming, and professionalism), and the team excelled in all these areas.

As part of the team’s innovation project, they reached out to rural schools in the Swellendam area this year. The outreach involved assisting teachers in developing music lessons based on the CAPS curriculum. To test the lessons, they also conducted some of the lessons themselves, teaching children about “bucket drumming” and robotics.

They also established a website to easily share the lessons with everyone:

Even as we celebrate their victory in South Africa, we are now setting our sights on even greater challenges at the World Festival in Houston Texas which will be held from 17-20 April.

However, to achieve these ambitious goals, we require the support of community-minded individuals and organizations like yours. By partnering with the Cyber Tiger Robotics Team, you will not only be endorsing innovation and STEM education, but will also be investing in the future of these bright young minds.

Our team is seeking financial assistance to cover expenses related to competition fees, travel, accommodation, and the purchase of necessary equipment and materials. Your sponsorship will contribute directly to the success of the team, allowing them to focus on honing their skills and representing our community at the highest level.

If you would like to support / sponsor the team – please click the link below

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