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The ‘Odd Couple’ Make it Official

Article from the local newspaper back in 2016…..


What could a young (30) aspiring black guy (half Zimbabwean half South African) and a retired (66) white lady from UK possibly have in common?

Better known in Swellendam as ‘Mrs Gram’, because she runs a daily online community information network called Swellengram, Amanda has been involved in marketing and social media since moving to Swellendam eleven years ago (as well as running a guesthouse and being involved in various community projects and tourism) Graham is an absolute whizz at web design and has started his own company in Swellendam called Evolution Media House.

This article was written at the launch of one the first projects that Graham and Amanda worked on together. It was not the most successful but certainly provided them with a learning curve. Since then they have embarked on many adventures together – including …..

Team Building Events

Bidvest had no idea what hit them!

Losing the local Business Bowls league spectacularly for 3 years in a row ….

creating a stunning and extremely popular glossy magazine: The SwellenGram,

Should we do it again? Watch this space…..

Helping with community projects

Graham calling for instructions as to which end of the spade to use)

Organising familiarisation trips for the tourism industry

wine always figuring high on the list

and most recently, facilitating the return of Bianca to her family

The Prodigal Daughter returns after 37 years

Many more, too numerous to mention, and though Laurel and Hardy’s well known quote “well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into” pretty much sums most of their collaborations, they have smashed their way through escapades which make the latest Xbox games look lame……

It has not all been fun and games though. Both of them have suffered tragedies in the last years. Graham lost his closest friend in a drowning accident in 2019. Amanda’s husband, Dave, also a good friend of Graham’s, died of heart failure, after suffering terribly, during the strict lock-down in May 2020.

There have been joyous moments too – most memorable being the birth of Graham’s daughter Ava Rose in March 2019 – plus special birthday celebrations, winning awards, and attending amazing events

White Gogo with Ava Rose

Rumours and gossip of something ‘more than friendship’ occasionally reach their ears – which probably says more about those who choose to think the ‘worst’. But, if others find this relationship hard to understand, don’t think you will find the answer by asking one of them! They also can’t explain it. A shared and wicked sense of humour, an entrepreneurial spirit, an interest in local and international politics, a willingness to ‘get involved’, to save people and animals, a love of prawns, shared sadness over the loss of loved ones, tolerance of each other’s annoying habits…… Graham and Amanda have both been there for each other in ways that only good friends can be – never judgmental, always providing a safe space to vent or cry, and helping each other out in times of need. Ready to both celebrate and commiserate.

Update – (born on the anniversary of Graham’s father’s passing – David Carter). Pictured is Quinton, Graham’s stepson, with David and Ava.

Making it official

For all the time that they have remained friends Graham and Amanda have never ‘officially’ run a business together. Each of them has – and will continue to – run their own businesses. But now they have decide to take the plunge and amalgamate the core aspects of their key businesses.

And so is born the offspring of this strange couple


Fully registered and ready to rock and roll……

Combining their strengths – Graham’s ability to create multi functional media platforms, Amanda’s networking and content creation ability – both of them have design skills, enthusiasm and imagination, they have finally registered their business Swellengram Media House – the first project is about to launch and it will be a game changer!

A new website and app, along with the current online newsletter which reaches over 2000 voluntary subscribers (daily), a lifestyle magazine, associated social media platforms and QR Codes. Any and all businesses and services are invited to take up the opportunity to reach their target market. Clients can maintain their own listing and updates for a mere R99.00 a month – once listed they will be promoted to the huge database which has been built up by Swellengram over the last 12 years, as well as social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. AND If you don’t like the idea of maintaining / updating your own listing – Swellengram Media House is proud to announce that they are partnering up with Carol de Bruin of Creating Carol, who will take client’s marketing to great heights!

An amazing social media guru!

If you are part of a business or organisation in Swellendam – it’s highly recommended that you join ‘the odd couple’ plus Creating Carol as this new adventure is launched – there is nothing else quite like it – just like there is nothing else quite like them!

For more info as to how to get your business listed – please email

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