The Swellengram – how you can be part of it

The Swellengram – how you can be part of it

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Advertisements placed in the Daily on-line Swellengram are FREE for individuals and events, and there are special rates for start-up / small businesses. Scroll down for more info


A business listing on the Website is a VERY effective way of making sure that your business or service is “seen” by the people who you would like to be your customer / client or guest.

Complete your details HERE to be listed on the Swellengram Business Directory


Until June 30 2020 all listings on the Swellendam Directory will be FREE.

From July 1st 2020 they will be R250.
A R250 once off payment gives you a one year listing from the date listed.

When Lockdown reaches Level 2 prices will revert to R450

FREE UPDATES: You will need to notify us of any change of any circumstance so your listing can be updated – or you can ‘claim your listing’ on the site and manage it yourself.

FREE EXTRAS! When your listing goes live it will also be posted on Social media, on several Facebook pages, including Swellengram and Swellendam. You will also get 2 free placements on the Daily online Gram.

FREE: If you want to update your listing for promotions and specials, please email them to

Unlimited images, logo, business card, contact details, menus, details of stock .

Links through to your website or Facebook page or both.

Swellengram does not take commission on sales or referrals.

Swellengram takes no responsibility for the veracity of information, or quality of service provided, and also reserves the right of refusal for businesses who do not meet the expected ethical standards, or unaccredited financial practices eg lottery, pyramid sales or Bitcoin.

(e.g no posts displaying racial, cultural, gender, age, religious or political bias)

Online Daily SwellenGram

To subscribe to the daily online email Swellengram, click HERE

FREQUENCY: Monday to Friday at approx. noon

REACH: Voluntary subscribers  2,500 receive the daily email Gram + 2 Facebook pages (Swellendam (over 3000 followers) and Swellengram (over 2,500 followers) total of 8,000

GEOGRAPHICAL:  The majority of readers are based in the Greater Swellendam Municipal area – but there are also subscribers in Worcester, Robertson, McGregor, Cape Town etc .  It has international readers, and is frequently recommended to tourists as a way of seeking local information.

  • 1 x once off ad in online Gram /Website ZAR 80.00
  • 5 pre-booked Grams ZAR 350

 GRAM BUNDLES: – up to 50% saving!

  • These are prepaid.
  • Grams can be placed on any day of your choice
  • They can be the same or different each time.
  • You can provide your own design or The Gram will design one for you (no extra cost)
  • You are welcome to share your bundle with another business as long as both parties email with the agreement

(SILVER BUNDLE) 10 x Grams @ R60 = R600

(GOLD BUNDLE) 25 x Grams @ R50 = R1,250

(PLATINUM BUNDLE) 50 x Grams @ R40 = R2,000

SuperGram Sponsor

A Supergram Sponsor becomes a high profile advertiser.  Their Supergram is designed specifically to reflect their brand, using the colours, fonts and logos associated.  They may have up to 8 images, and as many links to their own website.

  • Sponsored ‘SuperGram’ x 1 ZAR 200.00
  • Sponsored Gram x 5 ZAR 900.00 (Branding/web-links /full marketing report)
  • Social Media online Supergram sponsors ZAR 0.00
  • Facebook promotions on line Supergram sponsors ZAR 0.00

If you would like more details about the services and rates that Swellengram offers, please contact

Here are some examples of Sponsored Grams:






Swellengram offers a range of Business services at unbeatable rates
• Newsletters to your database
• Design work: Logos / Flyers / Posters / Booklets and Brochures
• Video promos
• Social Media Management
• Gram Bundles

Personalised Newsletter

Do you have a customer database to whom you would like to reach out on a regular basis? BUT YOU HAVE NO TIME!
To update them on your latest

  • news
  • improvements /upgrades
  • promotions
  • specials
  • menus
  • rates
  • staff
  • sales
  • vacancies
  • stories
  • and more

Let Swellengram do it for you …

Your own Business Newsletter – branded with your colours, logo, contact details.

It’s easy: you send notes and images, and Swellengram creates a professional design for you (to approve).  Once agreed, the newsletter will be sent out on a regular basis at your convenience.

The cost? A mere R100 once off for the set up / design. Then subsequently only R450 per send out.

Your database is kept strictly confidential. (if it exceeds 3,000, there is an additional set up cost of R100) It is curated on your behalf, removing redundant and duplicate addresses, and unsubscribing on your behalf.  Your target market is carefully considered.

The link to your newsletter is also placed on the daily Swellengram, thus increasing your potential customer base by at least 2,000.

NOTE: This service is offered in English ONLY

Click to see some examples of personalised newsletters …



(Swellengram is registered as a MailChimp Agency.)

Swellengram (Pty) Ltd is a unique multi media marketing, information  and communications and networking provider.

If you are not a subscriber yet – its easy and its FREE – complete THIS FORM and you will start receiving Swellengrams in your email inbox.  One a day around 12 noon, Monday to Friday.


  • Its mission is to become a strong community ‘binder’, to foster a spirit of pride and optimism in the enterprises in the local area, and to keep residents fully informed of opportunities, emergencies, events as well as facilitating business networking
  • It is an extremely popular publication, because it is so useful.
  • Local events are published in calendar format, updated at least twice a week.  Lost cat, dogs and parrots have everyone looking out for them – lifts for people and parcels, jobs, accommodation, services and interesting items and articles which have everyone laughing or crying – all these make up the core of the Swellengram
  • It does not have a political or religious bias, but does allow some ‘soap-box’ moments when people want to bring important local matters to everyone’s attention. This is not available for niche rants or railing about the world in general.
  • The Honesty Gram: for one person start-up businesses or organisations with limited funding: Up to 5 grams will be placed at no charge, and if they prove effective, a voluntary donation is then made by the business or organisation – the amount to be determined by the advertiser themselves. Thus it can be whatever you feel is fair for the service provided.
  • Advertising is FREE for individuals and one off events, and for charitable functions and fundraising

Very economical packages are available for businesses


  1. Marlise Haasbroek

    Good day

    Who can I send an email to for placing a advertisement. I am looking for a job in the Swellendam district and want to advertise myself.

    Please let me know the procedure. I would like to take the bundle of 5 advertisements (one advertisement per week).

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Please send your information to with contact details. Although it won’t appear on the website, it will appear on the daily Swellengram email, and on two Facebook pages, Swellendam and Swellengram. You can subscribe to the daily Swellengram HERE


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