What is “Friends and Neighbours”?

What is “Friends and Neighbours”?

The Friends and Neighbours of Swellendam originated in 1986 with the aim of introducing newcomers to the people of the Swellendam area to develop friendships and social interests. Friends and Neighbours meet for informal social functions on the last Thursday of each month (except December). Some of these activities happen in the evening; others are daytime events.

  English is the formal language for the conduct of all activities in deference to the “Swallows” who generally fly in for the summer. But this is not an exclusively English club – all are welcome. Our membership consists of people  from various nationalities and language groups.

Friends and Neighbours have no affiliation or association with any other organisation.

All residents of (and visitors to) Swellendam and the local area are welcome to become members and/or come to our events.   Payment for annual membership can be made at the AGM Thursday January 30th 2020

Should you wish to become a member, or would like further information, please “WhatsApp” Imogen 0823440450  or Terry 0712893214.  

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