When Life gives you Lemons

When Life gives you Lemons

The people in a small town caring for one another ..

Yesterday, in the small, beautiful Western Cape town of Swellendam, which, at the time of writing, still has no confirmed cases of Covid 19, there were so many reasons for smiles, pride and gratitude.

“Here’s a really special story from Swellendam.
A big municipal truck with a full team of municipal workers has just passed here dishing out bags of lemons and naartjies – food relief in the Time of Corona. The little ticket says it all.
Thank you to everyone involved!” David
A surprise at our gate
Overwhelmed by the generosity and caring of our local farmers who have donated bags of citrus fruit to all in Swellendam that we should stay healthy during lockdown and appreciating our incredible municipality for ensuring the delivery to each and every household. Swellendam is a
very special community” Gloria

Kyk net hoe awesome is ons boere van Buffeljags!!Vandag so bly dat ons na 7 jaar se soek,  Swellendam gekies het!! Ek sal op geen ander plek op lockdown wil wees nie! Just pure love!!!!

“Farmers from Buffeljagsrivier together with the Swellendam Municipality organized to drop off naartjies and lemons at every house in town today (including us in the Hermitage). Small town perks.” Fabien

​We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all those involved with the delivery of fruit this morning.  From the farmers to the men delivering, huge thanks goes out to you all. Not only is the fruit delicious, but maybe more importantly it is the spirit of giving and the generosity  that makes this community special.  We are privileged to be living here. Thank you  

Sally and Graham Minor
“Swellendam is n dorp met n mooi hart. Vandag het ons almal twee sakke naartjies gekry van ons boere, uitgedeel deur munisipale werkers. Sommer n knop in die keel gekry. Dankie vir n baie wekomme VitC bom wat nou so nodig is” Margaux

‘n Span van die munisipaliteit het pas in ons straat verby gekom. Elke huishouding op die dorp kry vandag ‘n sakkie suurlemoene en ‘n sakkie nartjies. Baie dankie aan die boerderygemeenskap van Buffeljagsrivier vir die ruim skenking. Dankie aan die familie wat vir die logistiek en vervoer gesorg het. En dankie aan Swellendam se munisipale bestuur en werksmense vir die aflewering by my hek. Hoe goed is dit tog om op hierdie mooi dorp met sy groot hart te woon.

” When Lockdown and Swellendam gives you lemons … bake Lemon Meringue Pies! ” Lidia

I would like to on behalf of our whole family thank the Farmers involved for their selfless and generous gift of naartjies and lemons and the Municipality for giving up their time and effort  in delivering them to the communities in and around  Swellendam.
You are excellent ambassadors for this Town – because of individuals like you Swellendam deserves to be the Town of the year in the  Kwela competition where we are already a finalist for the Western Cape.
To everyone involved stay safe and thank you .


The truck just passed and dropped off some vitamins to keep us healthy . Thank you very much to the local farmers and SWD municipality for looking after us so well. One of the reasons we love this Swellendam community so much


Dankie Swellendam!!! Jul bly die beste!


We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community. Thanks to the generosity of the farmers.


As Americans living in Swellendam for 16 years, we are so grateful and appreciative to reside in this beautiful community.  –We have the best Mayor that this town has ever had. –We have the most effective Municipality in the Western Cape –We have a strong, thriving community of wonderful residents that truly care. –One people, one community, UNITED WE STAND

Dr Zaida Rivene Jim Montrose Red Roan Ranch Swellendam


Swellendam Municipality COVID-19 Relief in partnership with NPO, Community Action Partnership (CAP Swellendam) distributed food and citrus (sponsored by Thornlands Swellenfruit Packing – Pty Ltd #TangeloCitrusEstates and #SuiderPak in #Rietkuil This week alone they have distributed at least 110 food hampers to families in need. They are restricted by national regulations, but are doing their absolute best to identify families in need and alleveiate the challenges.


Pop up Hospital

Outside the local shopping mall the local hospital set up a mobile unit which performed Covid 19 screening, TB and HIV Screening, Flu injections and Family Planning services.

Recently the town won the provincial finals of Kwela’s “Dorp van die Jaar” against competition from much larger and more highly populated towns. Although in this time of Lockdown, the economic benefits to be derived from such an award will be delayed until such time as travel is open to all, there is no doubt that the residents of this town, the community, police, essential workers, farmers, healthworkers are heeding the inspiring words of President Cyril Ramaphosa

…Faced with …daunting challenges, you, the people of South Africa, have responded with remarkable patience and courage.

You have respected the lockdown and largely observed the regulations.

You have accepted the severe restrictions on your movement and many of the daily freedoms that we all take for granted.

You have done so because you have understood the devastating effect that this disease will have on the health and well-being of all South Africans unless we take drastic measures.

You have also understood that we must do everything in our power to prevent the massive loss of life that would occur if we did not act.

For your cooperation, for your commitment and above all for your patience, I wish to thank you personally.

I wish to thank you for reaffirming to each other and to the world that we South Africans are a people who come together and unite at moments of great crisis.

Cyril Ramaphosa



As we watch a few other nations’ governments touting unproved remedies, awarding their ministers ‘working from home bonuses’ and appropriating donations of ventilators etc for private use – how proud we can be of South Africa’s response to this crisis. When it comes to balancing economy and health, SA has prioritised health – after all, economies will recover, but those who die from this disease will not.

Love and Gratitude, Mrs Gram

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