!Xairu Queen

!Xairu Queen

In Edition 5 of The Gram magazine (on the shelves at the end of May 2018)  we will be publishing a short story /memoir by Audrey Jantjies, as she embarks on her dream to become a writer.   Audrey was born in the small village of Suurbraak – eldest of four girls – though one of her sisters has since passed on and Audrey writes movingly and honestly about the impact her death made on her life.

In this edition we will be featuring other young women who are not just role models in their chosen career, but wonderful, inspirational human beings. Each of them was asked whether they had found it a challenge ‘being a girl’ in the competition of what is often perceived as a man’s world.

Audrey’s answer says it all…

“Boys were never even part of the competition!  They were things that gave you goosebumps and that you wanted to kiss. My rivals were girls. We were also friends. One now has a Master’s Degree in business admin and travels the world over while working. One is a nursing sister in Australia, one a teacher in England. All things considered though, there’s nothing a man can do that I can’t.”

If you would like to read more of Audrey’s work, you can find her on xairuqueen397650534.wordpress.com