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21 is the Key to Swellendam’s Heritage Heart

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Swellendam Tourism

The number ‘21’ is not just a symbol of a milestone; it’s also a key that unlocks new experiences. This charming boutique shopping centre serves as a portal to the area’s rich heritage, offering a harmonious blend of contemporary amenities and cultural depth. It melds effortlessly with the town’s historic character, its architecture and curated selection of shops showcasing the finest South African products and traditions.

The centre is quickly becoming a magnet for tourists and a favourite destination for residents. Locally, much cherished shops with their well known proprietors have migrated from quieter parts of town, drawn by the foresight of local developers Rene and Aidene van der Dussen.

Swellendam Tourism

These two have shown such a clear recognition of the wishes of local residents and the need to keep the integrity of the historic space. It must have been a daunting challenge, but the resulting space is so attractive, so clean and blends beautifully into its environment

Familiar Faces in Brand New Spaces

House & Co.

Swellendam Tourism
House & Co – Ed & Adele Hayes: 0736837746

Formerly known as Guesthouse Warehouse, House & Co has moved here from its former location just down the road, where it was somewhat tucked away from the main thoroughfare. Now it occupies a coveted position, in a prominent location, with a dual-facing shopfront that greets both the street and the Museum.  It invites exploration of a selection of premium South African linens and home décor – as well as a beautiful array of educational toys.

Ed and Adele, the proprietors, initially established their business with the aim of providing the local hospitality industry with high-quality amenities. However, they soon garnered substantial support from the community, who were weary of the mass-produced items encountered in chain stores across every town. This encouraged them to expand into their splendid new space, catering to a clientele that appreciates uniqueness and quality.

Woodstove Emporium SA

Swellendam Tourism
Woodstove Emporium – Evan & Shelley Ackerman: 0619572360

Another refugee from a quieter part of town,  The Woodstove Emporium SA is the next shop you will encounter.  At its heart, lies a deep appreciation for the art of woodburning stoves. These stoves are not just appliances; they are the centre-piece of the home, providing warmth and creating an inviting atmosphere. The selection is first rate, featuring stoves that promise efficiency and elegance, making them a perfect blend of form and function.

The shop’s expansion to include braai equipment speaks volumes of its commitment to South African heritage. It’s a place where the braai is revered, and the selection of grills, smokers, and accessories reflects the diversity and richness of braai culture. Whether it’s a casual weekend get-together or a festive celebration, The Woodstove Emporium SA ensures that the spirit of the braai is alive and well, offering everything one needs to host the perfect outdoor feast.

Chocolat Etc

A Not So Hidden Treasure

Swellendam Tourism
Chocolat Etc – Ronel de Wet: 0727577894

Chocolat etc is a true treasure chest for anyone with a sweet tooth or in search of a thoughtful present. Ronel, the heart and soul of the shop, welcomes everyone with open arms and a bright smile. She’s a local treasure herself, having been a part of the community’s retail scene for years. After a stint away in a quieter spot, Ronel is back in her element in a new, airy location that suits her sunny disposition. The shop feels just right—not too big, not too small, and always filled with the scent of chocolate.

The treasures inside are the chocolates and gifts that Ronel carefully selects. The quality hasn’t changed a bit; it’s top-notch as always. Whether you’re after a delicate piece of chocolate or a unique gift, you’ll find it here, in a place that feels like home. Chocolat etc is a spot where the joy of discovery meets the comfort of the familiar. It’s a place that reminds us that sometimes, the best treasures are the ones we come back to.


Swellendam Tourism
Toyclick – Hennig & Marisa Brazer: 0660255571 (Suzette)

A new chapter unfolds with the opening of Toyclick’s physical store. Once an online-only haven, Toyclick has leaped into the tangible universe, bringing with it a colourful mosaic of childhood dreams, Featuring an array of original Barbies in their glamorous attire, Lego sets waiting to be transformed from mere blocks into masterpieces, a variety of Board Games that promise endless family fun, and the thrilling speed of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars that are sure to ignite the imaginations of aspiring racers.

Parents, who might once have cleverly navigated the online aisles, now find themselves having to deceive their eager offspring about the opening hours, all the while harbouring a secret desire to dive into the fun themselves. It’s a place where one can’t help but feel the urge to explore every corner, touch every box, and maybe even sneak in a game or two. Toyclick stands as a testament to the magic of play. It’s a place where digital wish lists come to life, where the click of a mouse is replaced by the laughter of discovery, and where every visit feels like a celebration.

Turning Heads Hair Studio

Swellendam Tourism
Turning Heads Hair Studio – Nancy Zaayman: 0744161122

It’s quite a special moment, stepping into Turning Heads Hair Studio. It feels like entering a sanctuary of style and sophistication. The sleek, modern space is captivating – with its smart design, colour scheme and cool ambience setting the stage for a memorable experience.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and invites you to relax and indulge in a moment of self-care. Nancy, the proprietor, is an experienced, talented stylist – she is ready to work her magic, promising a transformation to leave you feeling confident and empowered. There is an in-house nail technician to help make your transformative experience an unforgettable one!

Margaret Osborne Permanent Make-up

Swellendam Tourism
Margaret Osborne Make-up – Margaret Badenhorst: 0724245969

If you are looking for a complete transformation, then right next door to Turning Heads, your answer is waiting.

Margaret Osborne is a qualified beauty therapist and permanent make-up technician. She has a passion to enhance every woman’s beauty. She moved to Swellendam last year after running her own practice in Stellenbosch for nine years. She offers, amongst other treatments, permanent make-up, threading, brow lamination, waxing and tinting, and eyelash curl.

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, is a beauty treatment where pigments are implanted into the skin’s dermal layer to enhance facial features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. It’s designed to mimic makeup, giving a natural-looking definition that can last for years. It’s a comprehensive approach to beauty that provides long-lasting results and can be a significant time-saver in daily routines.

The process is relatively painless due to effective anaesthetics used during the procedure.

Swellendam Tourism

The Vision is now Reality and holds so much Promise

With its unique blend of local culture and contemporary convenience, 21 Swellengrebel promises to be a destination that will attract visitors from near and far, supporting a new era of economic growth in Swellendam. It’s clear that this shopping complex will play a pivotal role in keeping Swellendam a must-visit location on the map of South Africa.

Rene and Aidene must be congratulated on their foresight and their success!

Shops hours are 9-17h00. Saturday 9-13h00

Copy: A. Shackley

Photos: G .Mutyambizi (or provided by 21 Swellengrebel)

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